General terms and conditions of TICKETINO AG

For ticket purchasers

1. TICKETINO AG as agent for event organizer

TICKETINO AG acts as agent for various event organizers. Contractual relationships solely exist between the ticket purchaser and the event organizer respectively.

2. Disclaimer

TICKETINO AG does not accept any liability for the loss of or damage to property or for personal injury in connection with the organization and implementation of events. TICKETINO AG specifically excludes any liability based on the cancellation or postponement of events or as a result of faulty organization and implementation.

TICKETINO AG is not liable for the accuracy of any information published by TICKETINO AG (e.g. on its Internet pages and/or in other publication media), particularly with regard to inaccurate or incomplete information. TICKETINO AG is not liable for any damages that may result from breakdowns, interruptions and/or overloading of the user’s computer system when using TICKETINO AG Internet pages. Furthermore, TICKETINO AG does not accept any liability for any damages caused by transmission errors or any other defects.

3. Event organizer regulations / Ticket validity

Organizer regulations, which are available on request, are to be adhered to. Ticket purchasers acknowledge these regulations explicitly, particularly those pertaining to safety, age restrictions and other access limitations, as well as any other possible regulations. Any manner of ticket abuse is prohibited. Instructions given by event personnel must be adhered to; failure to do so may result in expulsion from the event.

Tickets are only valid when purchased through official TICKETINO AG sales channels. The ticket purchaser is obliged to ensure that their self-print ticket is protected from any possible misuse, e.g. illegal copying, alterations or printing by unauthorised parties. Tickets should be kept clean and in a safe place, and must not be exposed to humidity, or mechanical or optical influences. The barcode must be legible for a scanner.

4. Data Collection and Use

TICKETINO only collects and stores personal data necessary to provide services and for the for the delivery of marketing information and ticket sales.

5. Refund and exchange of tickets

The refund or exchange of tickets is generally not possible. In the event of a postponement, tickets become automatically valid for the new event date. Should an event be cancelled, tickets may be returned to the ticket agency from where the tickets were purchased – for a refund at face value – within 30 days of cancellation notification given by TICKETINO AG. Refund requests made by ticket purchasers can only be addressed to the organizer (contract partner), who is exclusively responsible for any claims. However, TICKETINO AG is authorised, but not obliged, to reimburse ticket purchasers on behalf of the organizer for refundable amounts not yet transferred to the organizer, and/or if the latter has already reimbursed TICKETINO AG. Ticket redemption and refund of ticket costs are, if applicable, the responsibility of the respective sales channel that issued the tickets.

Tickets do not have to be returned if they have been purchased via the Internet or Call Center and paid for using an electronic payment method (credit card, PayPal, Postcard, etc.). Providing the aforementioned conditions have been met, the face value that has been deducted will automatically be credited back to the electronic payment means chosen by the ticket purchaser.

In all other cases, and once the 30-day deadline has expired, refunds can only be made by the organizer and in accordance with their refund policy.

The General Terms & Conditions of Insurance Conditions (AVB) apply when concluding a Cancellation Insurance with EUROPÄISCHE Reiseversicherungs AG.

6. Final clauses

Changes to the aforementioned General Terms & Conditions are only effective if agreed upon in writing. With the purchase of a ticket, the purchaser agrees to the above mentioned General Terms & Conditions. TICKETINO AG reserves the right to change these General Terms & Conditions at any time and without specifying any reasons. These changes would not apply to tickets already ordered. Should individual clauses of these Terms & Conditions be or become invalid, the validity of the contract as a whole would not be affected.

Swiss substantive law governs the overall contractual relationship between the organizer (and TICKETINO AG) on the one hand, and the ticket purchaser on the other.

For client / event organizer

1. Integral component of General Terms & Conditions with respect to ticket purchasers

The contractor’s General Terms & Conditions (AGB) with ticket purchasers constitute an integral component of these Terms & Conditions (AGB) with respect to the client and organizer respectively.

2. Postponement and cancellation of events

Should an event be postponed, tickets become automatically valid for the new event date.

Should an event be completely cancelled, the contractor will refund the ticket purchaser the total cost of the ticket. However, TICKETINO AG as contractor (agent) has the right, but is not obliged, to cancel tickets and refund ticket costs to ticket purchaser. Such transactions result in costs for payment providers and sales channels. In such cases, the cancellation fee for the organizer is CHF2.00 per ticket (ticket price < CHF 100.00) and CHF 5.00 (ticket price > CHF 100.00), however, at least 5% of the ticket price regardless of where the ticket was purchased (applies to tickets sold via TICKETINO channels).

TICKETINO AG will only carry out such a refund process if payments received have not yet been passed on to the organizer, or if the latter has already reimbursed TICKETINO AG.

3. Liability for correct and safe implementation of events

The client is liable for the safe implementation and realisation of their event in accordance with the law. If necessary, the client decrees special regulations for the implementation of their event, whilst making them know to the public. Should an event be postponed or cancelled, the client is liable for proper communication of this to the contractor and to the ticket purchaser in good time. The client is liable to the contractor for all incidental costs and damages with regard to faulty organization or implementation, and with regard to the postponement or cancellation of an event. This also includes any legal measures and communication activities that may be considered necessary from the contractor’s point of view, such as public announcement of cancellation of event.

4. Payment procedures

The client grants the contractor the right to set off his services with ticket revenues to be credited to the client and to forward the net amount to the client. Payments for tickets purchased in cash or by invoice will be made to the client no later than 14 days after the event has taken place. The client will be credited for tickets purchased by credit card within 14 days after payment has been received from all credit card companies.

All prices are exclusive of VAT (currently 7.6%).

For repeat events, TICKETINO AG reserves the right to pay out funds to the organizer even before all these events have taken place.

5. Payment collection

TICKETINO AG will issue the ticket purchaser with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd reminder (with payment demands and a legal action warning) for any unpaid invoices.

The client is responsible for any unpaid tickets at the time of the event. The client can print out a list of unpaid tickets on Furthermore, any unpaid tickets will be detected during the electronic scanning process. TICKETINO AG recommends organizers to collect the purchase price of any unpaid tickets at the event venue, or cancel the tickets prior to the event, or instruct TICKETINO AG to cancel the tickets so that they are no longer valid at the event venue.

If the organizer prefers to collect payment for any unpaid tickets at the event venue, TICKETINO AG must be informed accordingly, so that the ticket purchaser concerned does not receive a payment reminder.

The organizer acknowledges that with certain payment methods (e.g. direct debit, bank transfer, PayPal or credit card), there is a risk of a chargeback by the ticket purchaser, and that the organizer is solely liable for this risk. Charge backs that occur after payment has been made to the organizer, will involve an additional chargeback fee that will be levied according to the valid price list.

6. Termination of contract and/or deviation from terms

The contract is valid until the event(s) has (have) taken place and the respective accounting has been carried out.

The client notes that the contractor reserves the right to withdraw from the contract at any given time on important grounds, and stop the sale of tickets. Fees for services provided by the contractor and carried out up until the withdrawal, will be levied. Should the client cancel the contract, any accrued and/or package costs will be invoiced for at current standard rates or as agreed upon in this contract.

Deviations from written contracts between TICKETINO AG and clients only become effective once they have been agreed upon in writing. Should individual clauses of these Terms & Conditions be or become invalid, the validity of the contract as a whole would not be affected. Swiss substantive law governs the overall contractual relationship between TICKETINO AG and the ticket purchaser. Exclusive jurisdiction for all differences resulting from or in connection with these Terms & Conditions is Zurich. For ticket purchasers domiciled or resident abroad, TICKETINO AG reserves the right to take legal action at the domicile or residence of the contract partner.

7. Privacy Policy

The client grants the contractor the right to forward event and personal data to third parties for event marketing purposes, in particular to connect and publicize the event on relevant platforms.

8. Change of the General Terms and Conditions

TICKETINO reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time. Changes will be published on the website. Continued use of the service and site within six (6) weeks following any such modification constitutes acceptance of these modified terms.

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